Four Hands Massage

This Swedish &  restorative massage is needless to say a magnificent second of rest time which happens to be performed by two palms. Picture then what a number of palms can reach that goal transfer appropriate and synchronized all over your oiled entire body.

There is certainly absolutely nothing as if it! The masseuses utilizing four hands at the same time in peace with fragrant and tasty essential oil that may be 100% ensures a specific and sensational minute. The Conventional Package provides more than double the outcome is an original and unequalled discomfort for your entire body !

Which assistance contained in this package deal

  • Two amazing and ravishing masseuses 
  • Synchronized Swedish restorative massage technique
  • Respite from pressure, increased blood flow
  • Cost-free the satisfied-end (Happy Ending Massage)
  • No more fee for accommodation service
  • 100% Ensure Fulfillment

All of our nicely-skilled masseuses have enhanced the art of skilled restorative massage and so are dedicated to the massages which we supply on our site, like the 4-Palms. We of masseuses are really very carefully chosen by our criteria and of course their appearance, great, persona, motivation and perseverance persona.

This lets us to mention with confidence that you simply will experience at Naked four hands massage sublime and remarkable minute. You should choose a couple of our most incredible masseuses soon after your own personal option underneath the page Masseuses in addition to the webpage

Note: service available from 10AM to 5AM on Monday to Sunday.


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